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About Us

CHIN I PAO CO.,LTD is founded in "1996"

Our head office locates at Taipei, right in the North part of Taiwan.


We have been reselling and distributing medical machine for years.


Our complete sales force with well established sales channels,


supported by our experienced technical team, have made us the


market leader in center part of Taiwan.

Areas of Expertise

Clinical Laboratory Related Products

Blood cell staining solution, blood special staining Kits, bacterial

staining solution, etc.

Pathology related products

Cell diagnostic staining solution, pathological staining solution, slide glass for micromirror, replacement blade for tissue section, automatic staining device, automatic sealing device, automatic cassette printer and automatic slide printer.

Surgical and clinical examination device

Imaging device, related device related to surgery


  • 1984 CHIN I PAO CO.,LTD. was established. Started selling medical equipment and appliances.

  • 1994 Acquired the general agent of Taiwan from Japan's Muto Chemical Co., Ltd., and began to operate related products for clinical examination and pathological examination.

  • 1997 Moved to New Taipei City.

  • 2014 Establishment of the surgical department

  • 2017 Acquired the HOOGLAND SPINE PRODUCTS GmbH general agent of Taiwan

Major customers:

Universities, state-owned private hospitals,national research institutes, cancer prevention centers and pathological centers. . .

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